Navan Grinds Academy is now booking for Grinds September 2017. A full list of all subjects with times and days is listed below. Please call us on 046 – 902 1889 to discuss your requirements. We are here to help or drop by to Boyne House. Summer office admin schedule will be posted daily on our Facebook page.

Names will go on subject lists in the order that they are received with a date and time. You will receive a text confirming that your child’s name is on the list once deposit is received. Deposits of €50 will be required to confirm places. Subjects such as Maths get very busy early in the year so early booking is advised. Call 046 – 902 1889 for more information. Please note we are adding classes and times as and when they are confirmed. Even if they are not confirmed please send us through an enquiry so we know what subjects you are interested in.

Fees for 2017/ 2018

2nd Year    Maths        Higher        Tuesday    7.15pm – 8.30pm
3rd Year    Irish        Higher        Tuesday    6pm – 7.15pm
3rd Year    Maths        Ordinary    Tuesday    6pm – 7.15pm
3rd Year    Maths        Higher        Tuesday    4.45pm – 6pm
5th Year    Maths        Higher        Saturday    11.15am – 12.30pm
5th & 6th Year    Economics    H/O        Wednesday 6pm – 7.15pm
5th & 6th Year    Business    H/O        Wednesday    7.15pm – 8.30pm
5th & 6th Year    Accounting    H/O        Saturday    1.45pm – 3.45pm
5th Year    Maths        OL        Wednesday    7.15pm – 8.30pm
6th Year    Irish        Higher        Tuesday    7.15pm – 8.30pm
6th Year    Spanish        H/O        Tuesday    4.45pm – 6pm
6th Year    Maths        Higher        Saturday    10am – 11.15am
6th Year    Maths        Ordinary    Wednesday    6pm – 7.15pm
5th & 6th Year     Geography    H/O        Wednesday    6pm – 7.15pm
5th & 6th Year    Chemistry    TBC
5th & 6th Year    Biology        TBC
5th & 6th Year    German        TBC
5th & 6th Year    Home Economics    TBC
5th & 6th Year    Agri Science    TBC
5th & 6th Year    Physics        TBC
6th Year    English        HL         Monday     4.45pm – 6pm
6th Year    French        HL
3rd Year    French        H/O
3rd Year    English        TBC
3rd Year    German        TBC
3rd Year    Spanish        H/O         Tuesday     6pm – 7.15pm
3rd Year    Science        TBC

Navan Grinds Academy Timetable September 2017 – Mobile Friendly Version