Join us Wednesday at 7pm – 8.30pm in Navan Grinds Academy – FREE to all Parents & Students of 5th & 6th Year Students.

Life is busy in 6th year …so much to revise, so much to pack in, debs to organise! And then there’s the going to college bit!!

Discover what you need to know so you can confidently help your son / daughter with their college applications. Our Career Counsellor who has over 20 years’ experience working with teenagers & parents will guide you through the CAO system, Hear & Dare Systems, Susi Grants, PLC applications & will answer any questions you may have around this exciting but challenging time. Lots of time for Q&A!

Call us to book your place on 046 9021889

Free CAO Talk & Q & A with Experienced Guidance Teacher 7th of November at 7pm in Navan Grinds Academy