The weekly grinds for the 6th Year leaving certificate program is broken into 2 Terms;

Term 1- September 2019 (10 Weeks)
Term 2 - January 2020 (15 Weeks)

Term 1 Starting the week of Monday September 9th 2019. Classes run Monday- Wednesday & Saturday

Students can opt for individual terms or the full year program.

The focus for 6th year is on how to study effectively, being prepared for the exam papers and maximising results. We also cater for students that wish to take subjects as an extra subject or repeat leaving classes only and mature students wishing to attend classes for Leaving Certificate.

All our teachers are qualified secondary school teachers that have experience with 6th year teaching and some have been involved in marking and conducting the oral examinations for languages. All teachers have been vetted in terms of references and have put together exclusive NGA 6th year grinds programs with extensive notes and revision handouts.

We are now taking bookings for Term 1 September 2019. Please call the office on 046-902 1889 or click on the book now button below.

Note we also have locations in Drogheda & Swords

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Please note Terms & Conditions when booking grinds with NGA

Maths Higher
Maths Ordinary
French Higher
Spanish Higher
English Higher
English Ordinary
Irish Higher
Irish Ordinary
German Higher / Ordinary
Business Higher / Ordinary
Chemistry Higher / Ordinary & Intensive
Agri Science - Intensive Only
Biology Higher / Ordinary - Intensive
Economics - Higher / Ordinary
DCG - (Intensive 1 day grinds only)
Physics Higher / Ordinary & Intensive
Geography Higher / Ordinary
History Higher / Ordinary
Accounting Higher / Ordinary
Music Intensive Only
LC Russian- Intensive / ORAL

Please note if there is a course that is not here that you require please email us as we have a waiting list for other subjects and it depends on numbers.
6th Year German Monday 6pm-7pm
6th Year French Monday 7pm-8pm
6th Year Irish (Higher Level) Tuesday 5pm-6pm
5th & 6th Year Irish (Ordinary Level) Tuesday 7pm-8pm
5th & 6th Year Spanish Tuesday 5pm-6pm
6th Year English (Higher Level) Tuesday 6pm-7pm
6th Year Business Tuesday 5pm-6pm
6th Year Accountancy Tuesday 6pm-7pm
6th Year Economics Tuesday 7pm-8pm
6th Year Maths (Higher Level) Wednesday 5pm-6pm
6th Year Chemistry Wednesday 6pm-7pm
6th Year Geography Wednesday TBC 5pm-6pm
6th Year Maths (Ordinary Level) Saturday 9.30am-10.30am
6th Year English (Higher Level) Saturday 9.30am-10.30am
6th Year Maths (Higher Level) TBC TBC
6th Year Physics TBC TBC
6th Year Biology TBC TBC
Yearly Rate (25 Weeks)1 hr per week – €450

Term 1 September 2019 (10 Weeks) 1 hr per week – €195
Term 2 January 2020 (15 Weeks) 1 hr per week – €285

You may join the class subject to places during the term at a €95 deposit fee + pro rata weekly rate.

Please note all fees must be paid in advance before classes start. Deadline for September payments in full is 25th of August 2019. There are no part payment / payment plans for 2019 / 2020.

Please call the office on 046-902 1889 or click on the book now button below.

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